TRACK: Harry saying Louis is his boyfriend

Interviewer: How many of you got girlfriends.. or boyfriends.. i don’t know

Niall: Two

Interviewer: Two?

Liam: yeah, me and louis have both got girlfriends. We’re the only umm..

Harry: boyfriend

Liam: ..guys with girlfriends and the rest of them are all single

Louis: the rest of them have all got boyfriends!


Interviewer: Alright!

Harry: Louis’… Louis’ boyfriend

Interviewer: Alright

Liam: What?

Management: Take that bit out

Louis: Yeah, yeah that’s gonna have to come out now

Interviewer: Yes, it will.


if you still don’t believe in larry after hearing this, then you’re not just blind, you’re deaf too.

Happy Larry Stylinson Anniversary!